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Biodynamic Cultivation: Promoting soil's life

And vegetative growth of plants


There are many times when we hear about "Promoting soil's life and vegetative growth of plants" in the context of biodynamic cultivation and sustainable development of the vineyard.

But what is this process and how is it done? Soil's life promotion and the vegetative growth of plants, in essence, promotes microbial life, soil structure, enhances the growth of roots and their growth in depth, while allowing, among other things, better resistance to drought.

The preparation of horn manure "500" is obtained by fermentation in the soil during the winter period of good quality cow manure that has been introduced into the cow horns.

It is a powerful builder of soil structure. Through the promotion of microbial activity and the formation of humus, it stimulates the germination of seeds and consequently helps in the general and multidimensional development of the root system.

The "500" horn manure preparation is used for this procedure. Horn manure 500, is the result of the maturation of cow dung in the horn of the cow that is buried in the ground during the winter season (October to April).

The result we get from this process is solid manure, which we then dissolve in water for extraction.

We do this mixing with water in order to activate the mixture, which we will then, spray on the ground.

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