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Ktima Zafeirakis was presented in the show "Akratos Oinos" on Politica Radio in Creta

Χρήστος Ζαφειράκης, Βαγγέλης Κακουδάκης, Άκρατος Οίνος

Christos Zafeirakis was a guest of the show "Akratos Oinos" and presented the "Ktima Zafeirakis" to the listeners of Politica 89,8 fm Heraklion Creta.

Mr. Zafeirakis spoke in particular in the show of Vangelis Kakoudakis on the well-known radio station of Heraklion and gave information about the estate, about the special variety of Limniona, about the viticultural techniques, the winemaking, but also about the vision and philosophy of Ktima Zafeirakis.

In particular, he referred to the family tradition and the history of the estate, his personal professional path, his choices and actions, and presented the winery's plans for the future.

The "Akratos Oinos" show is held online through every Wednesday 20:00-22:00 with the aim of informing its listeners about wine by hosting in the show professionals in the field who will give really interesting information about it.

Listen to the show where Christos Zafeirakis spoke here

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