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Panama sommeliers and chefs visit Domaine Zafeirakis

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Panama chefs and oenologists visit Domaine Zafeirakis for Wine tasting
Panama visitors at Domaine Zafeirakis: Andres Morataya, Gilberto Andres Garrudo Noriega, Silvia Sagawe, Any Lou Maruri

A team of Panama sommeliers and chefs (Andres Morataya, Gilberto Andres Garrudo Noriega, Silvia Sagawe, Any Lou Maruri), visited last month Domaine Zafeirakis in Tyrnavos.

Christos Zafeirakis, after an extensive wine tasting, introduced innovative biodynamic farming techniques in the vineyards of the Domaine Zafeirakis and the way the estate makes wine in its specially designed areas.

During their week-long stay, the guests of the winery were guided and visited various points of interest in the region of Tyrnavos as well as final selling points in the area of Larissa and around.

As part of the visit, one day was dedicated to culinary creations, as chef Andres Morataya, using fresh ingredients sourced from the local market of the region, prepared a gastronomic dinner for the wine group, recommending flavors from his homeland which he combined harmoniously with wines from the Domaine Zafeirakis.


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