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50 Great Greek Wines: Julia Harding MW, writes about Ktima Zafeirakis Limniona Young Vineyards

Ktima Zafeirakis Limnion on 50 GGW

50 Great Greek Wines Limniona Zafeirakis Julia Harding

The "50 Great Greek Wines 2023" competition was held again this year with great success and massive participation. highlighting his winners in Athens.

Among the 7 judges on 2023's, 50 Great Greek Wines competition, was the well-known wine critic Julia Harding MW, who shared on the world's leading wine site JancisRobinson. com her impressions of this year's competition.

She also shared for the first time, her tasting notes for the 50 winning wines, with scores ranging from mostly over 16.5 up to 18!

Among the 50 best wines, "Limniona Young Vineyards 2020" of Ktima Zafeirakis, stood out and was awarded.

Christos Zafeirakis taking the award for Limniona 2020 on 50 GGW competition

Christos Zafeirakis on 50 Great Greek Wines 2023

Julia Harding MW, makes a special mention of Ktima Zafeirakis in her article, saying that a panspermia of the native Greek varieties was presented, making a special impression on the Limniona of Christos Zafeirakis, whom he presented as a champion of the re-evaluation of the variety, because he has established that the variety is very variable, depending on the harvest date and vinification.

Limniona Ktima Zafeirakis on 50 GGW competition

In particular in her tasting notes she wrote:

"Spontaneous fermentation. Aging for 12 months in 500 liter oak barrels. Certified organic product.

Red cherry. Really aromatic, floral and peppery, and so fresh dark red fruit and red cherry. Smells a bit like a very floral Syrah. Intense, sweet and sour cherry on the palate. Juicy, firm and a little peppery. More aromatic than other Limniones of the Zafiirakis Estate that I have tasted, perhaps because they are from the youngest vines.

GV (JH) 13.2%

Drink 2023 - 2027

Score 17 out of 20

There were significant changes in the competition since Greek wines from Cyprus participated for the first time.

This brought a significant increase in the number of participating wines in the competition from 460 in 2022 to 600 in 2023, thus increasing the competition and increasing the difficulty of the selection process of the 50 best Greek wines.

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