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Christos Zafeirakis at Tsiftis_Gastrokoutouki, in Athens, on 15 Feb.


Christos Zafeirakis will participate in a special Food and Wine pairing evening, where delicious dishes will be harmoniously combined with the Estate's fine wines, at the Tsiftis Gastrokoutouki restaurant.

Tsiftis Gastrokoutouki restaurant is located in Athens, on Michalakopoulou and Sevastia Street, and meets in a unique way the gastronomic requirements of wine lovers and those who love good food, since it combines quality in terms of the raw materials used for the creation of its dishes and the selection of special vineyards for the wines that will accompany the dishes.

At the tasting, which will take place on Thursday 15 February, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of fine wines from the Ktima Zafeirakis . Christos Zafeirakis, with his personal presence at the venue, will give attendees the opportunity to ask anything they want about the wines, answer questions, solve queries, share information and suggest wine selections for the perfect culinary pairing with your dishes.

Tsiftis_Gastrokoutouki and Ktima Zafeirakis
Christos Zafeirakis and the wines of his estate need no introduction. Christos is one of those calm forces that are creating, without much, much ado, the next day of Greek wine. His dedication to the vineyard, his vinous approaches, his oenological stigma, his consistency, his prudent pricing policy and of course his high quality, are all characteristics worthy of emulation.

Make your reservation here to enjoy the special wines of the Zafeirakis Estate on Thursday 15 February.

Location: Michalakopoulou & Sevastias, Athina.

Contact phone: 2107754246

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