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Food and Wine Pairing at "Bosporos" Restaurant with Christos Zafeirakis

Food and Wine Pairing στον Βόσπορο με το Κτήμα Ζαφειράκη

The Ktima Zafeirakis will attend a tasting evening, which will combine the art of good food, wine and fine cheeses, at the restaurant Bosporos.

On Thursday, February 1, Bosporos Restaurant, Ktima Zafeirakis and Gana's Tyrokomiki join forces for an unforgettable evening of "Food & Wine Pairing", accompanied by the culinary creations of Chef Dimitris Fourkiotis.

At the tasting, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of fine wines from Ktima Zafeirakis which have been specially selected for the occasion.

Winemaker Christos Zafeirakis himself, will be present to share his passion and expertise in the world of wine. Attendees will be able to explore the winemaker's wine signature through a variety of labels, as well as exchange opinions and impressions.

Chef Dimitris Fourkiotis, with his experience in the world of gastronomy, will create a unique culinary experience by combining the flavors of the dishes with the harmony of the wines. The evening is also supported by the Ghanaian Cheese Company, which will present its fine cheeses from Giannouli Larissa.

For more information and seat reservations, please call 2410 613 407.

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