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Clonal selection of Limniona

Updated: Apr 24

The clonal selection of the Limniona variety was successfully completed by Ktima Zafeirakis, in collaboration with the Bakassietas Horticulture and Hellenifera, This was a long, demanding and very important process which took 5 years to achieve the desired results.

Κτήμα Ζαφειράκης Λημνιώνα

In particular, for about 5 years the Ktima Zafeirakis monitored a variety of plants of the Limniona variety in order to select the best plants.

Best in the sense that the specific plants selected concentrate the desired characteristics such as colour, tannins, sugars, acidity and others.

The virus-free material will be stored in the state-of-the-art facilities of the Bakassietas Horticulture, inside a specially designed greenhouse.

After the successful completion of the first step, the process will move on to the next phase. Specifically, the next step is the installation of an experimental vineyard in order to observe and micro-wine each clone individually.

The aim of this process is to further improve the quality of the wines of Ktima Zafeirakis and to express the unique terroir of the Tyrnavos region by highlighting the exceptional qualitative characteristics of the Limniona variety.

Ktima Zafeirakis and in particular Christos Zafeirakis personally, has been a pioneer in the resurrection and the promotion of the Limniona variety. Through the production of wines of excellent quality, utilizing and highlighting the unique qualitative characteristics of the Limniona variety, he has succeeded in making it one of the most important and popular indigenous Greek varieties from the region of Thessaly, with worldwide recognition.

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