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Ktima Zafeirakis at Greek Wine Day in Italy

Ktima Zafeirakis at Greek Wine Day in Italy

At the Greek Wine Day, which will take place on November 10, 2023 in Italy, will participate Ktima Zafeirakis, with Christos Zafirakis himself attending the wine tasting area to recommend the Estate's wines to all wine lovers who will choose to spend their Friday afternoon in a tasty and aromatic way.

An event organized to exclusively celebrate Greek wine and offer all wine lovers an opportunity to taste the best Greek wines. The event takes place in Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean, at the hotel Together Florence Inn , in collaboration with F.I.S.A.R (Italian Federation of Sommeliers of Hotels and Restaurants) and promises to be a unique experience of taste and culture.

Ktima Zafeirakis has achieved distinction at an international level for the quality of its wines, which it achieved with a lot of passion and effort by combining know-how and love by achieving biodynamic and organic vineyards. It was recently awarded in the 50 GGW taking a place in the 50 best Greek wines with Limniona Young Vineyards 2020.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the exceptional wines of Ktima Zafeirakis, explore Greece's heritage through taste and meet the man behind these unique creations.

A total of 18 wineries participate in the exhibition, which will present more than 80 Greek wines. Also, in addition to wine importers and well-known journalists, the Italian Master of Wine Gabriele Gorelli will also attend, as well as managers of famous Tuscan restaurants. In addition, the guest is the Greek chef Stelios Sakalis of Il Piovano restaurant, awarded 4 times with a Michelin star.

The tasting will start at 17:00 for the invited journalists of the event.

At 18:00 the entrance will open for professionals and the rest of the wine-loving public.

In order to enter the event area, you must obtain your electronic ticket.

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