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Ktima Zafeirakis participates in the Great Red Wines 2023 Exhibition

Great Red Wines 2023, Ktima Zafeirakis

For the 9th consecutive year, Ktima Zafeirakis will be present at the "Great Red Wines 2023" exhibition, side by side with orher great red wines from Greece and abroad.

This years exhibition will be held on November 18 at Pyrgos Petreza (Spata area).

This is an exhibition much loved by wine lovers, as the visitors they have a rare opportunity to taste many high quality red wines, Greek and foreign, in a single day event .

Especially with regard to Greek wines, it is worth noting that many wineries present their best recent harvest red wine, which enables participants to compare the wine with the same wine from earlier vintages, sometimes aged over ten years. This fact is particularly important for those who choose to buy wine based on its aging.

35 Greek and 40 foreign wineries participate in the "Great Red Wines" through their representatives, with wines from France, Italy, Spain, the USA and Argentina. Both Greek and foreign wines, a total of 190 labels, are of top quality with scores from the most well-known wine critics, most of them between 93-98, reaching in some cases the "perfect" 100.

Great Red Wines 2023

As specifically indicated on the website of for Christos Zafeirakis and the participation of the Estate in the Great Red Wines 2023:

"Christos Zafeirakis is one of the few, and even young, oenologists - winemakers with a name already connected to a grape variety, in this case the Limniona.

He uses indigenous yeasts from his organically cultivated vines, with principles of biodynamic agriculture, not because of fashion or marketing and without trumpeting it.

At Grear Red Wines 2023 it presents two different Limniona wines, the most elegant Terracotta from 2021 and 2020, naturally vinified and aged in amphora and the one vinified in more conventional containers, in three vintages: '21, '20 and '19, the lastly in a Magnum bottle, which is known to favor aging, in fact, from this excellent harvest.

Because in Tyrnavos, 2019 yielded grapes for intensely fruity wines with an exquisite phenolic profile, capable of long aging. A first trailer for this will be seen at the 2023 MKK, with the protagonist of Lemniona Zafiraki.

Terra Cotta 2021, Terra Cotta 2020, Limniona Zafeirakis Bio 2021 ,Limniona Zafeirakis Bio 2020, Limniona Zafeirakis Magnum Bio 2019"

The wine tastings are flanked by an ephemeral ("pop-up") restaurant of Pyrgos Petrezas with a menu by chef Miltiadis Kiukas inspired by the cuisine of French bistros, on the occasion of the arrival in Greece two days before the exhibition, of Beaujolais Nouveau wines that will be available for consumption there. In fact, after the end of the exhibition, the restaurant will host a "Beaujolais Party" with live French music.

The organization of the event is undertaken by Vinetum.

More information about the wines, how the exhibition works, the restaurant and the Beaujolais Nouveau celebration can be found at

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