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New logo focusing on innovation and simplicity

Ktima Zafeirakis, Domaine Zafeirakis

The new wine season begins with a new logo that reflects the rich history and the modern side of the place of Tyrnavos as well as the innovative approach in the creation of quality organic - biodynamic wine, of Ktima Zafeirakis.

The new logo reflects in particular the combination of tradition and innovation established by Ktima Zafeirakis. With an emphasis on the graphic element, the logo features your local landmark of windmill, indicating the human relationship with the elements of water, air and earth.

The use of black and white expresses the simplicity and authenticity of Ktima Zafeirakis wines, while the graphic lines add a sense of dynamism and innovation.

Commenting on the new logo, Christos Zafeirakis said: "Our new logo represents our journey as a winery and the valuable heritage we bring. It combines the tradition taught to us by our ancestors with a modern approach that leads us towards the future. It is a symbol of our commitment to producing high quality wines with minimal intervention."

Ktima Zafeirakis continues to pioneer in the wine industry, offering wine lovers a unique taste experience that combines tradition with modern innovation in its certified organic and biodynamic wines that highlight the special terroir of Tyrnavos.

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