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The 50 GGWs at the 10th Masters of Wine Symposium

With Limniona Terracotta

Domaine Zafeirakis Wines at the 10 Masters of Wine Symposium where they participated in the 50 GGW

The 10th Masters of Wine Symposium took place in Wiesbaden, Germany and was once again an excellent opportunity for 50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW) to showcase outstanding Greek wines and excel to an international and demanding audience. .

Their participation in the symposium formed a unique opportunity for the Masters of Wine to get to know the variety and quality of Greek wines.

Wine of the Domaine Zafeirakis at the 10 Masters of Wine Symposium where they participated in the 50 GGW

Domaine Zafeirakis was an excellent representative of Greek winemaking at the symposium. Having a tradition of several years, the Domaine Zafeirakis highlights the richness of the Greek vineyard by producing excellent wines that express the authenticity of the local terroir of the PGI Tyrnavos region.

The Masters of Wine who attended the symposium were impressed by the excellent quality, the unique taste expressions and the authenticity of the Greek wines, which confirmed that Greek wines are an increasingly important presence on the international oenological scene.

The event provided a valuable platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing among industry professionals. The presentations, tastings and discussions by leading experts in the field were a rich and interesting experience, enhancing mutual understanding and respect for the culture and traditions of each wine-producing country.

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