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How to make your Christmas dinner unforgettable with Ktima Zafeirakis' wines

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Ktima Zafeirakis The wines that will make your Christmas dinner unforgettable

Christmas is the celebration of joy and optimism. A holiday that usually brings the family together around the table in a unique array of dishes and wines, traditional recipes and special wine delights.

Choosing the right wine for the Christmas table is important to make the most of the celebration. The right wine can bring out the flavour and hidden character of the dishes, raising the bar of your culinary enjoyment to a particularly high level. The Wines of Ktima Zafeirakis will make your Christmass Dinner unforgettable.

It is important to take into account the intensity of the dishes. Richer and more intense flavoured dishes require wines with richer body and flavor.

Beyond the general rules, however, don't be afraid to experiment. There are many different ways to achieve a harmonious combination of wine and food pairing.

Here are our suggestions to pair the wines of Ktima Zafeirakis with traditional Greek and International cuisine for the Christmas holidays.

Ktima Zafeirakis wines

Malagousia Microcosmos, Malagousia Natura, Limniona Rose

Zafeirakis Malagousias (Microcosmos and Natura) are a gastronomic expression of Malagousia with a distinctive aromatic character, structured mouthfeel, with nice acidity and length. They are an excellent accompaniment to rich festive salads, based on fresh vegetables, seasoned with nuts, fruit, cheese, etc. Your light salads will find an excellent pair to Malagousia Microcosmos, while the richer expressions will be perfect with Malagousia Natura or Limniona Rose.

Foothills Chardonnay

The expression of Chardonnay in Foothills, unfolds aromas of citrus, exotic fruits, vanilla and nuts combined with mineral elements, and great balance of acidity and alcohol with a long buttery finish on the palate. It is the ideal pairing for dishes with the traditional Greek "Egg and Lemon" sauce such as cabbage dumplings and fricassee, but also with pork in most versions and certainly with the traditional turkey.


With aromas of red fruits with cherry and sour cherry, sweet herbs and spices and a subtle barrel presence, this is a fine red wine. Elegant, with velvety tannins and acidity that balances harmoniously with the alcohol it is an excellent pair to beef stew and also to pork with plums. It is an ideal choice for lovers of elegant red wines to pair with the dishes of the festive table.

Seasons Greetings Ktima Zafeirakis 2024

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