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Central Wine Fair 2023

Central Wine Fair 2023

Ktima Zafeirakis will be present at the Central Wine Fair, which will take place on Monday 11 December at the Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel in Athens.

The established annual meeting of Central Wine Fair producers from Attica, Thessaly and Central Greece aims to introduce visitors to three impressive terroirs that constitute the "heart" of mainland Greece, with entries from producers that have surpassed any previous year.

Among the forty-six winemakers who will be there to showcase their wines, their vineyards and highlight the local treasures of the three wine zones, will be Ktima Zafeirakis to taste its biodynamic and organic wines.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a unique masterclass, with the first Greek Master Sommelier and one of only 273 in the world, Eleftherios Haniallidis MS. Under the title "5 varieties - different perspectives", Mr. Haniialidis will highlight all aspects and the diversity that characterizes the vineyards of Attica, Thessaly and Central Greece.

Central Wine Fair

Event details:

Date: 11 December 2023.

11.11.2023: 11.11.2023 - 11.2023.11.2023: 11.11.2023: 11.11.2023 Hotel Athenaeum Intercontinental

The highlights of the Central Wine Fair 2023:

- Diversity: Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of wines, each celebrating the unique characteristics of Attica, Thessaly and Central Greece.

- 46 winemakers and their associates will be at the exhibition, giving visitors the opportunity to interact, learn and appreciate all the elements that bring the impressive results of Greek winemakers' work to their glass.

- The record number of participants: Exceeding all expectations, this year's exhibition is the largest coexistence so far of producers from the three regions and is sure to impress not only for its numbers but also for the quality of the wines you will encounter.

- Networking and a festive mood: The Central Wine Fair is a networking hub for industry professionals, wine enthusiasts or newcomers to the magical world of wine. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and celebrate the richness of the Greek vineyard just before the holidays.

Tickets and registration: Tickets for Central Wine Fair 2023 are available for purchase through (by viva). Tickets are 12€ and Student tickets are 8€. Pre-purchase 8€. The Early bird discount is valid until 8 December, offering the opportunity to secure your place at this wine event at a preferential price.

Central Wine Fair 2023

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