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Following 50 GGW in London - Masterclass & Walk Around Tasting

Limniona Young Vineyards 2020 participating at 50 Great Greek Wines's events in London.

Stefan Neumann MS and Yannis Karakasis MW will "warm up" the London market with a top-class Masterclass for selected tasters with 12 labels from this year's 50 GGW list, on Tuesday 28 of May.

Κτήμα Ζαφειράκη: Με τα 50 GGW στο Λονδίνο - Masterclass & Walk Around Tasting

A great Walk Around Tasting will take place in the "heart" of London, in Soho in a high standard tasting room with 50 GGW | The List wines, on Wednesday 29 of May.

May's trio of activities in London will be completed in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Niklas Ekstedt's restaurant Ekstedt at the Yard, where on the evening of 29 of May a food and wine-pairing dinner for high-end London consumers will be held. The selection of wines for this event will be based on the restaurant's seasonal menu, which is constantly changing and curated by the restaurant's Executive Sommelier Klearchos Kanellakis.

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