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"Greek Elegance in Every Sip: Urano Cupisti Chronicles the Delightful Encounter with Ktima Zafeirakis Wines in Corriere Del Vino"

The Italian wine journalist Urano Cupisti shared his impressions of his contact with Greek wine and in particular with the wines of Ktima Zafeirakis (Domaine Zafeirakis), in an article in Corriere Del Vino.

The article was published after Mr. Cupiti's visit to an event on Greek wine, that took place in Italy, in the village of Bagno a Ripoli (Fi).

Translated article from τ

Urano Cupisti

Corriere Del Vino Ktima Zafeirakis

I will always thank those who invited me, in the month of November, to taste the Greek wines in Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) .

Because, let's be honest, occasions like this don't happen often. I would say almost never. And we know nothing about Greek wine, its evolution, new approaches to production, or, in rare cases, little.

Greek wine is still today, in the collective imagination, anchored to systems that want it to be resinous, sweet and/or passito.

To think that viticulture has deep roots in Greece. We are talking about over 4,000 years ago. Not only. How not to forget the viticulture techniques used in Italy, France and Spain, in the ways of pruning and cultivating the vines.

The Bagno a Ripoli event clearly demonstrated that Greek wines can play an important role in the world market.

The Domaine Zafeirakis

In the municipality of Tyrnavos, in the Tyrnavos PGI area, located in the Thessaly region , in central Greece, lies the Domaine Zafeirakis where the Zafeirakis family has been practicing viticulture for more than 100 years.

Wine Greece

Christos Zafeirakis, the family's fourth generation winemaker, returned to Tyrnavos after his studies and various internships in Italy and planted his first organic vineyard in 2005.

“Love, knowledge and respect for tradition are the fundamental elements for the creation of our wines as our goal is to provide the expression of our vineyards, its aromas and flavors in your glass”.

Let's talk about tastings

– Microkosmos Malagousia2022. White wine. The “Malagouzia” grape variety, or “Malagousia”, in Greek “Μαλαγουζιά” is one of the varieties of white wine grapes typical of Greece, characterized by grapes that can make rather aromatic and relatively very acidic white wines, but considered light with good resistance to mold and poor rainfall. From strains that are almost 20 years old and is vinified with indigenous yeasts.

Zafeirakis. Wines tasted

Lemon green with golden reflections. Complex bouquet of fresh apple, pear, peach, apricot, with citrus fruits to complete the character and notes of lemon flowers embraced by subtle mineral notes to complete it. On the palate it is refined, with a moderate body which, when heated, releases an unctuousness, which binds very well with the marked acidity and leaves us with a pleasant, long aftertaste with a pleasant salty minerality. Excellent, rating 88/100;

– Natura Malagousia 2022. Natural unfiltered white wine from Malagouzià grapes, native Greek grapes. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation carried out only by indigenous yeasts/bacteria. Very low sulphite content. Excellent to accompany fish and white meat dishes. It lends itself to aging for at least 5 years. Excellent, rating 89/100;

– Limniona 2021 Red. The incomparable finesse of Limniona from Domaine Zafeirakis could rightly deserve the title of Greek Pinot Noir. Christos Zafeirakis creates a unique Limniona with a very different and refined approach compared to the others. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts and the use of large oak barrels to avoid darkening the fruit. The result is a refined red wine with lots of red fruits. It can age and evolve over time. Excellent rating 88/100;

– Limniona Terracotta 2020. Grapes from organic cultivation, which are fermented with native yeasts and then matured in amphorae for 18 months. Vivid purple color of moderate intensity. The nose is complex, with aromas of red and black fruits such as cherry, raspberry, floral elements such as violet, followed by botanical hints of mint. In the mouth it is characterized by elegance with intense fruit, balance between acidity and body, with velvety tannins.  Excellent 89/100.

Tastings carried out on 10 November 2023

The Greece of Wine

Christos Zafeirakis' wines are all certified organic. After these tastings, real discoveries, all that remains is to go and walk in the vineyards. Chapeau!

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