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Ktima Zafeirakis Malagousia in Michel Roux Jr's Obsession 24 menu

On February 4th, during Obsession 24, the world renowned chef Michel Roux Jr, of London’s two Michelin stars restaurant Le Gavroche and Emily Roux of Caractere restaurant, chose, with the help of Craig Bancroft, Ktima Zafeirakis Malagouzia to accompany one of the five dishes of their Obsession menu and made us very proud!

Obsession first took place in 2001 and was created as a celebration of great food, wine and a meeting of friends, old and new.


Organised by executive chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen and the Northcote team, the internationally renowned, multi-award-winning event has built a reputation as one of the most significant gourmet festivals in Europe, with waiting lists of thousands.


18 world class chefs with 24 Michelin stars between them made the trip to Northcote, where each chef cooked their unique Obsession menu for food and wine enthusiasts who were keen to have an exclusive, memorable dining experience created by some of the world’s most innovative chefs, with dishes that may be unavailable anywhere else.


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